Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t really a lot of information out there about Gemma Massey so I thought I would create a Gemma Massey FAQ page to answer any of the questions that come my way, and some other things I found out about her over time.

Gemma Massey at a glance ….

Gemma is 5 foot 2 inches tall. Yes, she’s actually very tiny. Her measurements are 30H-22-32 and her breasts are “enhanced”. She was in her first Playboy when in Friday November 9th of 2007 she was named the Playboy UK’s Cyber Girl of the week and by 2009 found her way to Bluebird Films which is where she has been every since.

Is Gemma Massey married?

No, not anymore… although apparently at one time she was. I asked her this recently when she came to the US for a visit and I got to sit down and have a little chat with her. I asked her if she ever wanted to get married and settle down and do the whole kids thing and she said perhaps one day but right now she is just loving life way to much to think about anything like that.

Is Gemma still doing movies?

Yes she is. In fact one of the most recent movies she had released on DVD is called Gemma Massey Lady Days which has been getting rave reviews.

How is Gemma Massey a titled Lady? Is that for real?

Turns out Gemma Massey is in fact a real titled Lady … but not of the “British aristocracy”. There are 4 methods of obtaining the title ‘Lady’ in the UK:

– inheritance
– grant of letter patent by the sovereign
– marriage
– purchase of land with a title attached (known as a manor, or manorial title)

Gemma Massey’s title is a manorial title. So in truth, a manorial lordship is not an aristocratic title, but a form of landed property. The owner of a lordship of the manor can be described as [Personal Name], Lord/Lady of the Manor of [Placename], sometimes shortened to Lord or Lady. So what this means is, Gemma Massey is in fact a Lady and legally allowed to call herself such.

I know Gemma got started in the UK but does she now live in the US? I think I heard her talk once about Las Vegas.

Gemma Massey actually still lives in London and does most of her work from the London Bluebird Films studios but does seem to come to the US a few times a year and since Bluebird Films has a studio in Las Vegas, so that is what she is doing while here most times — although Gemma did say she loves to shop and Las Vegas has some great places to do so.

Someone said Gemma Massey had her own calendar. Is this true? If so I can’t find anything about it.

Yes Gemma Massey had her very own 2012 Calendar out and it looks amazing! This is a project Gemma put together on her own and I put a link for it below. I don’t get any money for promoting it. That’s all her thing. I am just proving the link for you for her and because it really is a great calendar. Gemma looks so beyond hot in it.

Is Gemma Massey still associated with Playboy?

Yes and no. Official no. Gemma Massey is now under contract with Bluebird Films as a ‘Glambird‘ but you’ll still find Gemma flying to the US for an occasional Playboy event or two. Most recently Gemma Massey was at the Playboy Mansion for the Halloween 2011 party with fellow Glambird Tommie Jo.

Was Gemma Massey a Playboy Playmate?

No. Gemma Massey was a Playboy model and UK Cybergirl.

Is Gemma Massey still making adult movies?

No. After Bluebird Films ran into money troubles, Gemma Massey decided to retire from making adult movies. While she still models from time to time, the only work she does now of the adult nature is exclusively for her official website.