Gemma Massey isn’t just some random hot chick who happens to do porn.  Gemma Massey actually has quite a resume.  Things began for Gemma Massey in a small town just outside of London.  She was born in Tamworth and who knew in just a few years and a few miles away she would be on her way to International stardom.

After school, Gemma became a dental nurse but before long she would get distracted by dreams of fame and fortune.

She started modeling in the British newspaper called The Sun as what is known as a “Page 3 girl”.  This is the same job that Katie Price aka UK Jordan was doing.  A Page Three girl is a woman who models for topless photographs published on the third page of the UK tabloid newspaper The Sun. The Sun is a tabloid newspaper published daily in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland with the highest circulation of any daily English-language newspaper in the world with a daily readership estimated to be over 7.8 million, more than twice as many readers as The NY Times.

Since girls like UK Jordan made being a Page 3 Girl such a big deal a lot of girls started to accept less and less money to be a model, some even doing it for free, just to get the honor of being in the paper.  Since Gemma needed to support herself she had to start considering other jobs.

It was then she was approached to be a porn star and she would say in an interview with the BBC she would get a ridiculous amount of money to do it and by her estimates is probably the highest paid porn stars in the UK.  Truth be told, she probably is the highest paid porn star in the UK and probably one of the top 10 highest paid porn stars in the world and that doesn’t even factor in all the bonuses she gets for things like clothes, plastic surgery, a new car, and trips around the world … all covered as a part of her contract.

While Gemma Massey was doing the whole Page 3 girl thing she was also doing some modeling for Playboy.  She would eventually go on to be a featured UK Cyber Girl, in various other men’s magazines and be featured as the Twistys Treat of the month for July 2009.  Of course since then she’s also appeared in many other men’s magazines and some mainstream ones as well.

In an interview she did for another website she once said “I have done some television work for Bravo TV and ITV1. I have also worked at the Clothes Show, Bike Show and Motorshow in England. I worked out in the USA for 3 months for Mac & Bumble & Hustler Lingerie and was asked to become the new face of Ed Hardys Eyewear Line.

It wasn’t easy writing a biography for Gemma Massey simply because there is so much conflicting and confusing information out there about her. It took me weeks on end to do my research and verify facts. But finally, we have it … the most detailed and accurate biography of glamor model and former UK porn star Gemma Massey.

Gemma Massey was born on September 30, 1984, in England.  Although she’s most famous for her adult performances she has also done quite a bit of mainstream modeling including being the face of the new Ed Hardys Eyewear Line as well as a touch of television including an appearance on both Bravo TV and ITV1. She got into modeling just as you might thing … someone recognized her. She was working at a grocery store and a photographer gave her a card and said you can be a model. She didn’t take him to serious, as she had plans to join the police force but she was thrown out of the academy because they felt she was a distraction to the class. So next she decided to train to be a dental nurse. From there she finally made the call and started doing some work for people like Page 3 (The Sun) and then Playboy.

So how did she get into porn? Well, Gemma Massey was a Page 3 girl and a porn company approached her. At one time she was one of the highest paid porn stars int he UK. Her contract included not only base salary but plastic surgery, a house, a car and international vacations.


Gemma Massey is often found in the tabloids in the UK. Of course, that is in part because she hangs out with famous people including dating them. She is the ex of celebrity big brother housemate Kirk Nocross. He rose to fame in 2010 after appearing in the television series The Only Way Is Essex before leaving the show after the third series was aired. They call the show TOWIE.

Apparently, he had a hard time coping with the nature of her job and that is what drew them apart.

“I hurt her and I’m gutted I did,” he said when asked their relationship, “It was my fault, I should have never got involved with Gemma because I knew what her job was.”


Here is a behind the scenes clip of Gemma Massey on the set of Nikita XXX.

In early 2012 after Paul Chaplin left Bluebird Films and released all the girls from their contracts, Gemma Massey announced her retirement from making adult movies. She still does the occasional webcam show and work for her official website but that’s pretty much it for her in terms of the adult industry.

In February of 2017 she got tanning injections and it caused an abscess to form on her leg.  She went to the doctor to see what they could do and they rushed her into emergency surgery.

Rocking these Socks 😜👌🏼 waiting for my Op 😷 — at Good Hope Hospital.

Gemma Massey tanning injections

Gemma had this to say about the whole ordeal …

If anyone is ever thinking about doing Tanning Injections….. PLEASE DON’T DO IT!

The pain I’m in I wouldn’t wish on anyone


The surgery apparently went well and the doctor thinks she’ll be fine but it may take up to 4 to 6 weeks to heal and they aren’t sure at this time how bad the scar could be.

My Op went well… not how I planned on spending my Friday… and now I’m not able to go on holiday this Sunday #gutted — at Good Hope Hospital.

She’s at home recovering and hopefully will be well enough for her scheduled trip to come to the US where she is planning a vacation.


Spending my day recovering at home with lots of cuddles with this little fella @thelordclaude

Having recovered from her ordeal, in April 2017 it was announced that Gemma Massey would be appearing on the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. If you look closely at the photo below, you can still see a scar from her tanning injection ordeal.

Gemma Massey April 2017

She didn’t however end up being on Celebrity Big Brother UK that year because as we would later find out, she was pregnant with her first child.